Fire and Water Damage Restoration – Michigan FAQ


Fire and Water Damage Restoration Frequently Asked Questions Here In Michigan

What Are The Most Common Water Damage Questions?

Water Damage is not only costly to Michigan Property Owners but also dangerous in some cases. Most people have no idea what to do when Water Damage happens, and the following Questions are commonly asked:

What Should I do After Experiencing Water Damage?
Water Damage to your Home or Business is considered an emergency situation, and you should keep calm, DO NOT GO INTO THE AFFECTED AREA as there can be all kind of unforeseen hazards. The first step to take after any Water Damage situation should be to call a local Water Damage Restoration Company. You will want to find a Restoration Company that you trust or whose recommendation you trust as this will ensure the safety of family members or employees.

What Does A Water Damage Restoration Company Do?
A Water Damage Restoration Company will assess the unforeseen danger the water possesses, Clean-Up the mess and professional Dry-Out the property. Although many property owners may have a “DO IT YOUR SELF” person, in the case of Water Damage, professional help is advised regardless of how qualified you may think you are. Given the health hazards that are possible in such a scenario, a mistake could be too costly to bear. Professionals will also be more efficient and conclusive in their work.

Will my Insurance Company Cover the Water Damage?
The type of coverage you get will be dependent on the insurance policy you took out with your agent. Typically Water Damage caused by Frozen or Broken Pipe Burst, Toilet Overflows or machinery malfunction will be covered. In the case of natural disasters of Water Damage such as Flooding, different insurance policies will be required. Contact your insurance agent to purchase an insurance policy that covers both or two separate policies.

What Are The Most Common Fire Damage Questions?

Whether it is complete fire damage, smoke or soot damage smell that is in need of remediation, a professional fire damage restoration company will properly guide you through the fire damage cleanup process. Contacting a professional as quickly as possible after the fire damage has occurred will ensure the fastest path to recovery after a fire in a home or fire in a business.

How Long Does it Take to Cleanup a Fire Damage?

Fire Damage Cleanup will vary in how long it takes to complete a project depending on the severity of the Fire and or Smoke Damage. Certified Restoration Contractors can give an accurate estimate of how long it will take once they arrive and access the situation. The Restoration of a Property Damaged By Fire has many variables such as how bad the Smoke Damage harmed the home, was their major Water Damage to the house after the Fire Department left or if Major Reconstruction needs to be completed at the Fire Damaged Property.

Can I Stay in my Home After a Fire Loss?

This is the number one question we always get asked, it would depend on many factors such as, what the Fire affected and how the smoke traveled through your home, do you have breathing problems or allergens then we would definitely say to stay elsewhere. Insurance adjusters, as well as Restoration Contractors, can make this determination usually by seeing the damage but common sense can sometimes tell you to stay elsewhere. Sometimes a small Fire situation which is centered in one room will not affect other areas, this may allow you to stay in your home but always consult a professional instead of making your own determination.

Can we Clean-Up the Fire Damage or Smoke Damage Ourselves?

The answer is yes and no. Most homeowners think Fire Restoration can be cleaned easily but there are actually strict standards for Michigan Fire Restoration Companies held by the IICRC which Professional Fire Restoration Companies should follow to make sure your home is properly restored. When a homeowner takes a Fire Damage Cleanup Project into their own hands they are essentially taking all responsibility for future hazards and problems that may occur because of an improper Restoration.

      1. A major challenge is when you have a Fire Damage with more than one type of residue that burns. The understanding of how to clean these situations and having the proper equipment to clean it up is not typical for the average home/property owner. You can attempt to restore your home, but buyer beware.
      2. Your home may look clean but it could still smell like smoke. The size of a smoke particle is .004 microns in size which makes it very hard for the human eye to see it unless they use a microscope. These Smoke Damage particles which are small microscopic particles inside your walls, cabinets, behind wood trim, wall base, underneath the carpet, etc can make your life a nightmare. Even if you are the best cleaner, there are so many places you may not be able to get too for proper cleaning. Make sure to hire a professional who has the right equipment to find these particles and rid your home of them so you can live in a healthy environment.

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