Hoarder Cleanup Services Macomb, Oakland, Wayne, Lapeer, St Clair MI


Dealing with a Hoarding disorder or situation is difficult on so many levels. Cleaning up a Hoarders home has to be done methodically. First and foremost have patience, dealing with a Hoarder can be emotionally draining, especially because they don’t understand that there’s a problem. Knowing where to start with a home that’s packed with clutter is overwhelming. Hopefully these steps will help you take control of the situation, sort through items in the hoarder’s home, and clean and sanitize it so it’s safe to live in again.

People with hoarding Disorders lack the ability to distinguish items that are valuable from worthless items, so they tend to accumulate lots of them overtime, afraid of losing one item that might be useful someday. So Again Have Patience!

“Cleaning up the home of a hoarder is one of the most time consuming and challenging jobs a person can take on.”

Be advised, their are many form of Hoarding Situation such as: Garbage Hoarding, Animal Hoarding, Food Hoarding and Collector Hoarding. In these situations their is more to Hoarding Cleanup than simply organizing and cleaning. In fact, many hoarder houses are infested with rats, mice, roaches, and other animals and are breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. Hopefully these tips can help you through the extensive cleanup process:

There are several crucial steps to take when cleaning a hoarder’s home in order to achieve a favorable outcome of such an overwhelming endeavor. To clean a hoarder’s home, make sure you:

  1. Assess the situation thoroughly!
  2. Form a cleaning strategy room by room
  3. Gather supplies needed to sanitize and disinfect
  4. Sort hoarded items piece by piece
  5. Clean and restore the home back to normal