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We Find Water Leaks Inside Your Walls Fast

Water leaks that are caused by burst or defective plumbing pipes behind your walls can be exhausting task to take on, but most water leaks behind your walls often come from a variety of other causes such as rainwater draining down inside the walls from a cracked or leaky foundation. Long-term water leaks can cause extreme structural damage within your walls, and can also lead to serious mold problems down the road. An easy way to detect water leaks behind a wall is by looking for key signs of water damage. Look for peeling paint or wallpaper, dark patches of discoloration along baseboards, a musty smell indoors or condensation on walls and windows and finally put your ear up against the wall that you think has the leak behind it. The best way to detect water damage behind walls is to contact a water damage restoration company, these companies use high end moisture equipment such as protimiters, flir infrared cameras and hygrometers.

There are several common places for water leaks to occur behind your walls, including around or behind toilets, beneath your kitchen or bathroom sinks, in the bath or shower; the water heater; ice maker water supply line; and washing machine hoses.

“One of the biggest causes of wasted water in your home is a slow leak in your water pipes behind the walls.”

How to Prevent Water Damage

Preventing water damage is a whole lot cheaper than paying for repairs. Here are a few prevention tips.

  • Clean your gutters and ensure good drainage away from the home.
  • Direct downspouts 5-10’ away from the house.
  • Test your sump pump once a year.
  • Fix all water leaks.
  • Replace missing roof shingles.
  • Check pipes on toilets, sinks, refrigerator etc.

Water Damage Insurance Policy

Water Damage is one of the most common home disasters you can experience, costing insurance companies billions of dollars annually. Remember, safeguard the most important asset you own your HOME against Water Damage with the right Insurance Policy. Different types of water damage are insured by different types of policies, be sure you understand that. Just because you have Insurance doesn’t mean you are covered for all water damage disasters. Properly maintaining a home is one of the best ways to prevent Water Damage Disasters.