Insurance Claims Restoration Services Michigan



When a disaster strikes your property your world turns upside down. Upon meeting new and potential clients I always get the question “why should I hire an Insurance Restoration Contractor as opposed to a general contractor?”

First and foremost, Insurance Restoration Contractors are very different from a general contractors. A general contractor focuses strictly on new construction and remodeling but lacks the knowledge and skill set and equipment needed to address your home or business when a disaster strikes.

Secondly, Insurance Restoration Contractors approach a damaged home or building very differently than a new construction or remodeling project. The #1 goal when a disaster strikes is to save as much of the building as possible, mitigate your loss and bring the structure back to pre-loss condition or better. Insurance restoration contractors use specialty equipment like air scrubbers, air movers, dehumidifiers, etc., to address the damaged areas and have specialized tools like moisture meters and Infrared cameras to find all hidden water damage.

Finally, an Insurance Restoration Contractor is very familiar with how insurance companies operate, they understand how the insurance claims process works and pays for Property Damage Repairs. Insurance Restoration Contractors use the same estimating software that the adjusters use called xactimate thus speeding up the time on a claim so you can get paid faster and get on with business as usual. Insurance Restoration Contractors see all types of disaster situations daily and have the knowledge and expertise to make sure your loss is handled properly the first time. By hiring an Insurance Restoration Contractor ensures you will get back to business quickly, saving you time, money and agravation.

Dealing with a Property Disaster can be very overwhelming. When your property is damaged due to water, fire, storm or flooding, you may be stuck wondering how you should proceed, with a million questions running through your head, including:

  • How will this get done and who can help me fix this damage?
  • Should I call my insurance company or a contractor?
  • Does my insurance policy cover this disaster?
  • Do I need to document and take pictures?
  • Will my insurance cover the cost to rebuild or repair the damage?

First and foremost, you should know that the Insurance Restoration Process will take some time. It will be our job to not only clean up and repair the damage but also to gather evidence, work with the insurance company adjuster and to fight on your behalf to get the insurance claim money needed to rebuild your property back to pre-loss condition or better.

The Select Way: We Hold Your Hand Through the Whole Insurance Restoration Process

“Select Restoration believes in communicating with our customers. We will listen closely to you, educate you and offer an open line of communication to guide you through the entire Insurance Restoration process, without making you feel rushed or uncomfortable through every stage of the property rescue. We tell you what to expect, when to expect it, and why it needs to be done. We continually update you on the progress of your job.

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