Frozen Pipes And Water Damage

Michigan Frozen Pipes & Water Damage Cleanup


During Michigan’s Cold Winter Months a Frozen Pipe Burst can cause major Water Damage and is not often obvious because it is behind walls or in a crawl space leading into the home such as from an outside faucet. The flooding usually is caught much later after the damage has been done. An uncontrolled water leak from a Burst Water Pipe creates extensive flooding and water damage of carpeting, drywall, baseboards and furniture.

A Frozen Pipe usually happens to Plumbing Pipes that are not in a heated space when Michigan’s Winter temperatures fall below Freezing. When exposed to below freezing temps the water turns into ice and the pipe expands until it breaks a small slit into the copper.

Pipes that freeze first are usually located near outside walls that are exposed to the colder temperatures than pipes located throughout the middle of the structure. Pipes in attics, crawl spaces & unheated rooms are particularly susceptible to freezing. For example: outdoor hose bibs, pool lines, outdoor and indoor sprinkler systems, and other supply lines located in attics, basements, crawl spaces, garages, etc.

Select Restoration understands that suffering a water loss to your home or business from a frozen pipe burst is in itself a difficult situation. The ability to make the necessary repairs depends on the selection of the materials needed during the repair or reconstruction. Select Restoration provides full service general contracting, including all phases of commercial and residential reconstruction, from demolition and permit acquisition through the procurement of occupancy certificates. We operate on accelerated time schedules while ensuring superior quality and workmanship.

Broken and Frozen Pipe Water Clean Up in Michigan

  • Commercial structural reconstruction
  • Industrial structural reconstruction
  • Residential structural reconstruction
  • Flood Damage Restoration, Water Removal, Cleanup, Dry-out
  • Complete Structural Repairs and Full Restoration
  • And more
Frozen Bust Water Pipe Macomb County, Oakland And Wayne MI.

The Water Mitigation Process

Every Water Damage situation is different, dealing with a Frozen Pipe Burst that has left water inside your home or business is going to be a little different, which may mean that the actual process of Mitigation may vary for your property as well. However, the general steps taken will likely resemble the following:

  • Select Restoration will make a thorough examination of your home or business and the potential damage to create a plan to start mitigating.
  • The water itself will be removed from your home using a combination of water extraction techniques and powerful pumps and extraction units.
  • Next, your property will be dried out thoroughly with the use of commercial dehumidifiers, air movers and fans.
  • Contents may be removed to an offsite location for cleaning, including your furniture, drapes, throw rugs, and children’s toys. They will be thoroughly sanitized and deodorized before being returned to the property after Mitigation.
  • Finally, your home or business will be sanitized and deodorized using a combination of thermal fogging equipment, air scrubbers, and antimicrobial treatments.
  • If there was further damage done to your home such as the removal of wet damaged materials, reconstruction will take place to restore the damaged areas to pre-loss condition.

Select Restoration

Select Restoration is a Certified Property Damage Restoration Contractor Servicing Macomb County, Oakland and Wayne MI. We Specialize in Water Damage Caused By Frozen Burst Water Pipes. We are NOT A Franchise. Select Restoration, a TRUSTED name with insurance companies, has built it’s reputation, not bought it. Since 1993, We have met the Disaster Repair & Reconstruction needs of customers throughout southeast Michigan.

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The Select Way: We Hold Your Hand Through the Whole Restoration Process

Select Restoration offer 24/7 emergency response for water damage caused by frozen pipe burst here in Michigan. We offer an open line of communication to guide you through the entire restoration process, without making you feel rushed or uncomfortable through every stage of the property rescue and restoration process. We tell you what to expect, when to expect it, and why it needs to be done. We continually update you on the progress of your job. Here’s a sample of how we work for you.”