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When it comes to Choosing The Best Michigan Roofing Companies, a lot of factors come into play.

Roofing Companies here in Michigan can vary in everything from skill, experience, customer service, cost and more. So how do you know which Contractor is best for you? We’ve put together the following guide to help assist you in your Roofing Company Search for who to trust and hire.

Best Qualities In A Michigan Roofing Company

Insurance Is A Must

All professional Roofing Companies should possess the necessary insurances but it’s in your best interest to double check with the state of Michigan before hiring. The proper insurance a Roofing Contractor should have included Worker’s Compensation and Liability Insurance. Be wary of low-bid jobs, as this could be a sign of a company that does not have the proper insurance or cannot fund the job. If you want to be protected with the security of coverage, insurance is a must and should be non-negotiable for any company you are looking to hire to fix or replace your roof.

Locally Established Roofing Companies

The Roof of your property is something that should be around for a while, so the contractor you hire should be as well. By hiring a local Roofing Company it will be easier to perform maintenance, repairs, and upgrades in the future. Don’t just simply find a local Roofing Contractor, but rather one that has an established history in the area. You wouldn’t want to hire a Roofing Company to do your roof and then when the warranty is up, that company is nowhere to be found. Your best bet is to find a Local Roofing Contractor with longevity and a strong reputation in your community as well as great reviews online.

Cost vs Quality

When comparing your options, you should never make your decision based solely on price. The old saying “you get what you pay for” is true, especially in the Roofing Industry. You will always be able to find cheaper bids, but those will almost certainly come with cheap materials and service. Keep in mind that Professional Roofing Companies have overhead and insurance built into their costs. By choosing the cheapest bid, you may risk working with an uninsured or inexperienced company, which will ultimately cost you more money in the long run to fix all the problems that come with it. Most times these issues should be covered under a workmanship guarantee that a Reputable Roofing Company will provide.

Say “NO” To Canvassers & Storm Chasers 

Say NO To Door To Door Roofing Salesmen

You want to avoid any Roofing Contractor that has to go door-to-door canvassing trying to sell you their services. These “in your neighborhood” guys are often inexperienced or possibly running some sort of scam. The majority of the time these people will claim you have storm damage and use forceful techniques to try to pressure you into signing a letter of intent. Be aware, you NEVER have to sign this. Decisions regarding your roof are very important and should not be made in a rush. Therefore, ask to see written contracts and take the proper time to review all proposals from Roofing Companies you are considering.

Get Everything In Writing 

Before signing any contract, Quality Roofing Companies will provide you with ALL the details in writing. These details include total cost, terms of payment, start date, end date, crew size, and a clear description of what exactly the Roofing Company will do for you. If a company hesitates to give you any of these details in writing, that should be a red flag and you will want to avoid doing business with this Roofer.

Communication Is Everything

Communication is a crucial trait all professional Roofing Contractors should have. A Michigan Roofing Contractor that properly communicates will do so from the start by answering any questions you have and providing you with any information you request in a timely manner. A quality business will return your calls and emails and follow through on any deliverables they say they will send. The communication you receive prior to hiring a Roofing Company is a good indication of the communication you will get once the project is underway. With a Roof being such a big part of your property, it is imperative that you have a Contractor you feel comfortable communicating with.

Select Restoration

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At Select Restoration, we truly want what’s best for you. This is why we would never bid on a job that we weren’t certain we could compete at the highest level of quality and service. We strive to fit the above criteria and if you agree, we would be thrilled for you to Contact Us with any questions or to discuss your Roofing needs and how we can help!

We’re committed to using only top-quality Owens corning roofing materials. Our goal is to protect your investment by doing the right job – the first time – and to deliver complete customer satisfaction, and we can’t achieve that without putting a quality product over your head. But don’t take our word for it. We have hundreds of happy customers for you to call on. We believe in the value of having a roofing contractor who cares.