How To Check If My Sump Pump Is Working Or About To Fail?


How To Test If Your Sump Pump Is Working

Sump Pumps Failures here in Michigan happen because they spend most of their time silently on standby waiting for water to enter the basin after heavy rain. Therefore, any malfunctions that develop may not be immediately apparent until the water starts to rise in the pit or you step down and the carpet is soaked. Here are some warning signs to be aware of that may indicate a sump pump failure here in Michigan.

Sump Pump Won’t Empty The Basin

Sump Pump Runs but Doesn’t Empty Basin This could be that the Sump Pump inlet screen is probably clogged by debris which in most cases can be cleared by simply shacking the PVC hose connected to the pump. If that doesn’t work it may need to be removed from the pit to clean the inlet screen.

Sump Pump Won’t Turn On

Basin Filling But Sump Pump Doesn’t Turn On Usually, if the Sump Pump is set correctly in the pit, five gallons of water or less in the sump basin is usually enough water to kick on the pump. If the Sump Basin appears to contain more than five gallons of standing water, you may have a bad, or binding float switch or the motor is just shot and it’s time to purchase a new sump pump.

Sump Pump Won’t Shut Off

Basin Empty and Sump Pump Still Running If your Sump Pump continues to run after it has emptied the basin, you float switch is likely stuck or defective. If you were lucky enough to discover it in time you are in good shape as sump pumps tend to burn out if they run dry for an extended period of time.

Sump Pump Check Valve Failure

Basin Refills Rapidly and Pump Turns on Again A check valve in the discharge line going out of the home is supposed to prevent back-flow of water into the basin after the pump shuts off. If the check valve fails, discharged water will quickly flow back into the basin and re-activate the pump, repeatedly turning it on and off which will burn out your pump prematurely.

“Other Signs To Listen For When A Sump Pump Is About To Fail.”

Strange Noises

When a Sump Pump is working well it operates so silently you shouldn’t even know that it’s there. So if all of a sudden starts making a lot of noise, it’s not a good sign. Generally, though, a Noisy Sump Pump may only need some minor repairs to get it back into great working shape, so calling a local plumber for a repair visit will usually be all that is required to protect your home from a future disaster such as a flooded basement.

How To Check If Sump Pump Is Working In My Michigan Home?

A sump pump is one of the most useful pieces of basement plumbing equipment. It ensures that any accumulated water in your home and around its foundation is promptly pumped out to a storm sewer or containment pond, so it does not weaken the foundation, damage your possessions or allow your basement to flood. At least, that’s what it should do – if the sump pump is not regularly and properly tested, then you cannot guarantee that it will come through in a pinch.


Start by listening. If there is excessive groundwater around the foundation, the pump should turn itself on, pump out the water and turn itself off again, if not it needs to be replaced.


The sump pump should be plugged into a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. This protects it from a potential short while it is submerged. You can also try unplugging it and plugging it back in to see if it turns on immediately.


Fill a five-gallon bucket with water and pour it slowly around the sump pump. The pump should kick on once the water level reaches a predetermined level below the basement floor. If the pump doesn’t turn on, it may be either clogged or damaged, and you should consider replacing the pump.


You should inspect and test your sump pump at least once a year. During this process, check to see if there’s any mud, sand or debris trapped in it, which could impede water flow.

If a storm knocks out power in your neighborhood or if for any other reason, your Sump Pump Failed, there is no defense against the water rising and causing flooding in your basement. Select Restoration is a 24/7 Emergency Water Restoration Company offering one hour response time in Macomb County MI, to evaluate your needs and begin the cleanup process. After a Sump Pump Stops Working, we understand how important it is to get your home back to normal. By removing the water, using anti-microbial and mold inhibitors and specialty dry-out equipment, your basement will be clean and dry in no time!

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