Why Is A Michigan Restoration Company Best To Hire After Fire Or Water Damage


Why Hire A Michigan Restoration Company?

You would want to hire a Hire a Michigan Restoration Company If Your Home or Business Has Been Damaged By A Fire, Water or Storm Damage. “Why should I hire a restoration company you ask”? A Restoration Contractor Can Help You Navigate Through The Insurance Claims Process, Stop Further Damage And Restore Your Property Back To Pre-Loss Condition. Trying to clean-up or do repairs yourself or worse, ignoring what has happened to your property in the belief that everything will be fine may lead to a far worse condition down the road and more money to do the repairs.

The Advantage Of Hiring A Restoration Contractor Over A General Contractor?

When disaster strikes a property, every situation is different. The Main Advantage of Hiring a Restoration Contractor over a General Contractor is that restoration companies deal with insurance companies & adjusters daily, they know the insurance claims process in-and-out and how the insurance companies pay for repairs. They also know all the tricks that the insurance companies try to push off on the insured to minimize their claim.

Benefits Of Hiring A Restoration Contractor

  • #1 Bringing Your Property Back To Pre-Loss Condition. Professional Restoration Companies know how to get the most money do to YOU the property owner after a catastrophe, they also know where to look to spot potential health hazards, and how to prevent future issues that could cause or aggravate health issues for you and your family for years to come.
  • #2 Quickly Starting Clean-Up/Restoration. A Restoration Contractor can start working immediately on the property to prevent further damages, this will by time to figure out what needs to be removed and what can be saved. Upon the insurance claim settlement reconstruction or restoration work can proceed.
  • Insurance Claims Experience. Most Restoration Contractors have many years of experience dealing with insurance companies and Insurance Claims Negotiations. But do your homework as their are a lot of scam contractors posing as Restoration Contractors.
  • Years Of Experience Goes A Long Way. Most Fire & Water Damage Restoration Companies can be invaluable in helping you determine what items you should keep and what is damaged beyond redemption. The Years Of Experience a Restoration Contractor Has can be the determining factor in understanding what can be salvageable and what needs to go.

Safety First

One of the most important benefits of hiring a professional restoration Contractor is that you can be sure that your Restoration Project is done by the book. Safety is the number one concern when entering a home or business damaged by a catastrophe. Restoration Contractors have all of the required licenses and certifications needed to facilitate your project. All phases of the Reconstruction & Mitigation will be completed under the proper building code requirements. Most importantly, your contractor should have the proper insurance needed to cover any potential damage that could occur during the Reconstruction process.

The State of Michigan requires that licensed Contractors be Insured. At a minimum, a qualified Restoration Contractors should have General liability and worker’s compensation. General liability pays for anything of yours the contractor damages or breaks while working at your property. Worker’s compensation covers the workers that work on the project if something happens to them at your property. Without these two coverage’s in place, you might be exposed to unwanted problems if something gets damaged or someone gets hurt on the job.

How to Hire a Restoration Contractor Without Regrets

First off, when hiring a Michigan Restoration Contractor you want to meet them on-site at the property. Ask MANY questions: How much of this type of work he’s done. Ask for phone numbers of clients he’s done this type of work for and call them. Ask them what was best and worst about the experience of the contractor. Ask the prospective contractor how he would handle the project from start to finish. Then shut up, listen and observe. Does he sound knowledgeable? Can he explain the sequence of events? Does he answer your questions or brush them off? Does he help you understand or create confusion? An important part of a Restoration Contractor’s job is to ensure you understand the scope of work to be done. Observe as much as you can about him. Did he show up? On time? Is he in a marked vehicle with company information? Is it clean? Does he dress like a professional, Does he shake your hand, look you in the eye, speak clearly and distinctly, answer your questions? Does he interrupt you? Does he ask you what you want or tell you what he wants? It’s a pretty good bet that the way a Restoration Contractor handles himself on-site is a good indication of how he will handle your project or repairs.

Go Online And Search The Web For Anything You Can Find About The Restoration Contractor, Check The Better Business Bureau BBB.

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